DC Dual Force Meta Tier List: Open Beta Best Decks for Every Leader and First Impressions Tier Lists

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The only problem with this is that it requires four charges, which forces us to build decks that carry this leader through the early game. It’s not truly a problem if we combine Cyborg with certain leaders or cards that let us reach a moment where activating his ability for the third time may already be enough to even finish off an enemy leader. Descending into the C-tier, we ‘ave Black Adam, the powerful anti-hero. His “The Power of Egypt” ability can be devastating, but it requires a high ratio of five-attack cards to be efficient.

DC Dual Force tier list

They discuss the basics of the game and provide a brief overview of every faction and their deck archetypes, which will help you better understand the leader’s guide. Here your cheap Anarchy recruits help you get the board early. We also benefit when we empty our hand in the mid game from the Harley Quinn adrenaline effect. Note however we are not building specifically to activate this effect but we benefit from it naturally. We want to get good scaling units down early, send everything to the Leaders when we can, then use The Flash to try and secure some early Leader KO’s.

Beta Weekend

Shazam – Take advantage of draw abilities to grab Lightning Bolts. I hope this list helps you pick your leader as they will heavily impact the win rate you have and how constantly and well you perform in your battles in DC Dual Force. If you have annotations or questions, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below. Card stats and other card data are provided by MarvelSnap.pro. There’s a few more keys left so make sure to join our Discord and request one in the dedicated DC Dual Force channels if you’d like to try it out.

  • The Flash provides 2 damage which can be used twice on any target for 2 Charge.
  • Nevertheless, there are specific build-around cards for Magical spells, such as Giovanni Zatara.
  • As the game goes on though and resources become tighter the ability has more value as it is more likely to remove key targets.
  • You can choose two leader for your deck and they will have a huge impact on the success of your matches in DC Dual Force with their charge abilities and the way they synergize with your Recruits and other cards.
  • In this guide, we’ll discuss each leader and their abilities, but we suggest you start with our DC Dual Force beginner’s guide and DCDF Factions guide.

His “Willpower” ability grants you an additional bronze resource at the start of the game, fueling your plays early on. While he might be limited by the pool of Green Lantern cards, his resource acceleration and potential for powerful combos make him a strong leader. Batgirl has an effect which allows you to re-trigger the abilities on your deploy cards whilst providing you 3 attack you can use for your Leader to clear an enemy recruit. The 3 attack however is less valuable than on some other Leaders as her starting health is lower so we really need to be getting solid value out of the re-triggered Deploys. The other leaders who can do damage with only two charges have some upsides but don’t give us cards. Might is the clear front runner early into your Beta experience with DC Dual Force.

DC Worlds Collide Tier List Legendary Heroes

Lex Luthor – Lets you aggressively push out Arkham Inmates, along with an option to remove late-game threats. Harley Quinn – Anarchy and Tyranny share a common subclass known as Arkham Inmates and most Tyranny x Anarchy decks run them. A big draw to the game is that other than the usual ladder matchmaking, there is a PvE adventure mode called Comics, and as the name implies you will be going through the stories of some of the real life DC comic books. As the game evolves I do not doubt that Cyborg can start to stand out a little more every day.

There are of course some glaring omissions in the lineup right now, with characters like Shazam, Aquaman, and even Batwoman all conspicuously absent. Expect them to arrive in future updates, where they’re likely to top the DCWC tier list just from traditional power creep alone. At the moment, there are just over 50 characters in the DC Worlds Collide tier list already.

Leader Tier List (Closed Beta)

Zatanna is the most powerful Energy leader, as the card she seeks can impact the course of the game. Although her ability is based on RNG and you sometimes get useless spells, with an ability cost of 2, you can cast it often enough to get some powerful cards. Zatanna
and the Magical Spell cards are very powerful but as mentioned above some of the best payoffs are expensive DC Dual Force tier list best leader cards. Cards included during Open Beta you can include the powerhouse Recruit card shazam
. The amount of seeking that is required though and game knowledge can be on the higher end, so although powerful, its something to try as you improve. The synergies between playing multiple cards and spells and cards like naomi
and giovanni-zatara
are significant.